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Sheringham Sailing Club

Sheringham Sailing Club in Norfolk should offer a wide range of activities for yound and old, full members or/and temporary memberships.

Wherever you live in the UK you are always not very far from water so Sheringham is as good as any place to have a sailing club.

There should be a good mix of sailing and social events throughout the yearly calendar.

Your sailing club should serve as a local client base as there is an increasing interest in sailing; a big part of which is the success of our Olympic sailing team as well as our long heritage in sailing from hundreds of years ago - being an island it is difficult to get away from the water, therefore the want and need for fully qualified sailing instructors has increased.

Growing interest in sailing has been driven by increasing press coverage focusing on the excitement of round the world races. The demand for fully qualified instructors has risen as a result, and opportunities now exist on a freelance, part-time or full-time basis.

Leisure activities are more important than ever before. Working long hours in perhaps a sedentary occupation produces a demand for more active leisure pursuits. 37% of adults participate in some form of sport.

A boom in keelboat and cruise sailing is expected to continue. Changing demographics point to growth in the older population who make up a substantial part of the market interested in these disciplines. This trend is reinforced by the increase in ‘grey consumers’ opting for active retirements and taking up new challenges.

The sociable aspects of sailing have contributed to its success. Many people find it a relaxing and companionable sport that can be enjoyed both competitively and for fun. Many sailing clubs emphasize the social elements of sailing and arrange events for members.

Over the past several years, not only has total consumer spending increased more rapidly than income, but spending on leisure activities has also been increasing. For activities outside the home, the emphasis has been on experiencing a greater variety of activities, meaning people are more willing to try new things, of which snorkeling or sailing could be one.

Other trends in the market include:

  • There is an increasing interest in sailing; therefore the need for fully qualified instructors has increased.
  • The adventure holiday market is growing and demand for English speaking sailing instructors has risen dramatically. It is anticipated that the number of domestic activity holidays are likely to remain static as customers increasingly switch to taking such holidays abroad. It is also expected that average expenditure on this type of holiday will rise considerably.

As well as sailing it is important to offer other water activities such as windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking.