Cricklade Golf Club

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Cricklade Gun Club

Cricklade Gun Club offers an assortment of services intended essentially at golfers and tourists who are looking for something that is a little uncommon.

The Cricklade Golf Club is generally characterised by means of:

  • The building is old and uniquely appealing.
  • The surroundings are substantial and feature garden areas, croquet lawns, tennis courts and admission to countryside ambles.
  • The scene is rural and free from traffic or industrialized clatter and disruption.
  • The service offered is reasonably traditional and includes the availability of a fully cooked breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.
  • Uniqueness of style is of the essence that it is in keeping with the age and style of Cricklade Golf Club.

The pressure for overnight accommodation is rising and country clubs, like hotels, are enjoying bigger popularity as a result. Hotels in exclusive and extraordinary settings have benefited from the want for modestly priced accommodation.

Cricklade Golf Club offers:

  • Rooms with en-suite bathrooms.
  • A fully cooked breakfast and a unfussy home cooked evening meal.
  • Access to staff that are competent at dealing with customer enquiries and handle any problems that may occur.

Cricklade Golf Club is more than a splendid hotel. Our country club creates an atmosphere of pampered luxury that surpasses the normal fare of Cricklade.

We aim to be more than a distinguished hotel. We plan to conceive an atmosphere of pampered luxury that surpasses the standard fare of Cricklade. Expanding our exposure via the internet and introducing the area to people that have not up till now visited this fascinating area will permit us to retain a higher than usual habitation percentage and higher than average turnover.

Our Golf Club offers an array of all-embracing business amenities available in sumptuous settings.

Differentiating the type of business services open, from that of the rivalry, will assist not only in building the Country Club brand as an entirety, but will attract frequent travellers, who expect a higher level of personal service and acknowledgment than they can receive at other competitive hotels in Cricklade.

This will impart the Country Club with a chance to influence its core competencies as regards servicing the traveller in a swish environment.

Following a brief phase of becoming established the Country Club will diverse into other ventures to ensure a steady stream of customers through its doors.

The mission for Cricklade Golf Club is dedicated to providing a facility that is committed to serving golfers and extra tourists looking for a distinctive environment. The mission of the Country Club is to become the number one choice of visitors to Cricklade.

Cricklade Golf Club will strive to make each consumer be of the opinion that they are significant to our business and will give each customer value for their cash.

The keys to success will be to grant outstanding client service with a proactive energetic employees in a quality facility.