Bishopton boxing club

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Bishopton Boxing Club

Bishopton boxing Club in Renfrewshire is your typical local boxing club.

Usually a boxing club will have a boxing ring in the centre which is effectively a raised platfrom with ropes keeping the competitors in. One of the things about boxing is that it requires dedication, discipline and attention to detail which is great to have customers like that as you are pretty much guaranteed clients returning again and again - because it gets into their blood.

Around the ring you will have exercise kit which will include punch bags, focus pads, speedballs, strike shields, skipping ropes, floor mats, and benches.

To box you will need the right equipment such as boxing gloves, clothing, footwear, hand wraps, head guards, and gum shields.

Boxing is a combat sport in which two people engage in a contest of strength, reflexes, and endurance by throwing punches at an opponent with the goal of out-pointing your opponent or achieving a knockout with gloved hands.

Amateur boxing is an Olympic and Commonwealth sport and is a common fixture in most of the major international games - it also has its own World Championships. Boxing is supervised by a referee over a series of one to three minute intervals called rounds. The result is decided when an opponent is deemed incapable to continue by a referee, is disqualified for breaking a rule, resigns by throwing in a towel, or is pronounced the winner or loser based on the judges' scorecards at the end of the contest. Amateur boxing is vastly different from professional boxing in the fact there are less rounds in a fight - for men it is generally 3 rounds of 3 minutes each and for women is is 4 rounds of 2 minutes each. Judges outside the ring press a button to indicate if a boxer has thrown a decent scoring punch and if 2 of the judges agree then the point is scored. The winner of the fight is the one with the most points at the end of the 3/4 rounds.

Other successes for team GB boxing were Anthony Joshua and Luke Campbell winning gold, Freddie Evans winning silver, and Anthony Ogogo winning the bronze medal.

Team GB did exceptionally well in the 2012 London Olympics with Nicola Adams achieving the first ever gold medal in Womem's boxing.

The birth hour of boxing as a sport may be its acceptance by the ancient Greeks as an Olympic game as early as 688 BC. Boxing evolved from 16th and 18th century prizefights, largely in Great Britain, to the forerunner of modern boxing in the mid 19th century, again initially in Great Britain and later in the United States.