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UK Clubs

Groucho Marx famously said once "Please accept my resignation. I don't want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member."

Other than nightclubs most clubs require some kind of membership...frequently this is on a yearly basis. If you are thinking of starting your own club or looking for a club to join then it might be prudent to read below on the sort of clubs commonly available in the UK and the type of things available to club members...

Type of Club?

Firstly decide what kind of a club you are joining or setting up. Usually a club will be named after the town or city and what it offers unless it's a nightclub and then it will likely have a fancy name. Whatever the name of the club it is there to attract people of a common interest.

Where and When to Meet?

How often will club members come together...most clubs will have a designated building that it has bought outright or leases. Make sure that you communicate with members properly telling them when you are meeting.

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Getting members for your Club

You need to market your club properly, this day and age a website is critical for new people to be able to contact you. To begin with your club might start off with just your friends who are interested in the same hobby for instance. They might introduce their friends and quickly the numbers can leap up. It's unlikely that you will retain all of these people as they move off in different directions of the country as time goes on - this is normal.

You might want the membership to be a maximum number so things can run smoothly, more numbers can mean there are more people to do jobs which need doing...but sometimes to many cooks spoil the broth.

Establishing a Hierarchy in your club

You will need a leader..which will usually be the founder of the club to begin with. They should run the club, meetings, and enforce the rules. Obviously you will need a deputy to be in charge when you cannot make it or just somebody who can help re-enforce your decisions (assuming you always have good decisions!). You will need a treasurer who looks after the clubs finances making sure memberships are paid on time, bills are paid on time. A club secretary should keep minutes of every meeting as well as being in charge of sending out any important information that club members require. A club organizer should market new events to club members making sure as many club members turn up. A web designer who will bring everythnig together making all the information easily available to all the club members.

Miscelaneous Club Stuff

You might need other things depending on the type of club you have such as club symbol, colours, club IDs. Make a template with your name, the club's name, the member's rank (if they have one), contact info for the club, club location, and the time since they became a member. A motto or slogan for your club.

Be forward thinking - make sure you don't just talk about what the lub is doing now - but have a positive plan of where you would want your club to be in 5 years time and have a plan in place of how to get there.

Keep your Feet on the Ground

Don't let all this "leader" business get to your head: become too swelled up with pride and either your members will overthrow you or they'll simply leave. You should be fair and not be stuck up. See that your group doesn't become too "exclusive", otherwise people will start to think of your club and all the members in it as selfish, and they will give you the cold shoulder.

Types of Club

Ideas on the types of club you could join or form yourself are:

We hope this give you a good few ideas for clubs in the UK

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